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Home Weatherization

Weatherization Agency Priorities and Service

The Division of Energy, Housing and Community Resources contracts with various agencies throughout the state to provide weatherization services to eligible households. Agencies include community action agencies, housing authorities, local governments and other non-profit organizations.

The weatherization agency for your area, Hartford Community Development Authority, will receive a list of eligible applicants from WHEAP and will determine service priority and the eligibility for your home. Your weatherization agency will contact the highest priority households to evaluate the home and decide what weatherization services are needed. Appropriate weatherization services will be completed by agency crews and subcontractors.

Services Available

Implementing basic weatherization services will:

  • Reduce your home heating bills
  • Save energy
  • Make your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer

Weatherization may include any of the following Energy Saving measures, determined by an energy evaluation;

  • Repair or replacement of heating systems                               
  •  Replacement of water heaters 
  •  Wall insulation
  •  Insulation of attics
  •  Insulation of sill boxes           
  •  Insulation of crawlspaces and foundations
  •  Air sealing of attics and basements                
  •  Ventilation fans in bathrooms/kitchens
  •  Dryer venting                                                 
  •  Appliance replacement of refrigerators / chest freezers.
  •  Water Saving Measures                                  
  •  Health and Safety Repairs
  •  CFL bulb replacement                                    
  •  Small repairs

To Apply

The first step in determining your eligibility for weatherization services, and to apply is by visiting the Hartford Community Development Authority website.  Hartford CDA

For more information on WHEAP and how to apply, please visit online or call 1-866-HEATWIS (432-8947).