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Water Department

The City of Hartford serves almost 6,000 utility customers with their drinking water.  Hartford residents and businesses use over 460 million gallons of water each year.  Water is vital to our community and we are fortunate in Hartford to have an abundant, safe and high-quality water supply.  One of our most important priorities is protecting this vital natural resource for generations to come.

The Water Utility owns and operates five groundwater wells within the Hartford area.  Well 10 is our oldest and shallowest well, constructed to a depth of 50 feet in 1962.  Well 15 is our deepest well, constructed to a depth of 180 feet in 1993.  Well 16 was constructed in 2007 and is our newest well.  All five wells pump water from our region’s shallow sand and gravel aquifer.  This aquifer provides our  source of drinking water, and was created in our area after the last Ice Age glacier retreated 10,000 years ago.

The water pumped from our wells comes out of the ground at a constant 50 degrees throughout the year.  We treat the water to meet or exceed all Federal and State drinking water standards.  Our water supply is tested regularly to ensure Hartford residents and businesses continue to receive a safe and plentiful water supply.  In addition, with our water supply wells, pumping stations, reservoirs and four water towers, the Water Utility is able to provide fire protection to homes and businesses through the use of over 900 hydrants located throughout the City.

Meter Reading & Billing

Similar to reading your electric meter, Hartford Utilities crew members collect usage data from your water meter with an automatic meter reading (AMR) device. Our data collection devices read your meter from a distance and store that information in a format that is then downloaded into our billing software to help produce your monthly billing statement.

In some cases or during certain times of year when we are not able to get close enough to your meter, our data collection devices are not able to communicate with your meter to deliver consumption data. In that event, we provide you with an estimated billing statement, based on your normal usage history for that time of year. Any difference between the amount actually used and the estimated amount billed is corrected automatically when the next regular meter reading is obtained.  Ultimately, you pay only for the amount of water actually used.

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Water Quality

The Hartford Water Utility routinely monitors the city’s drinking water according to Federal and State regulations. Our constant goal is to provide you with a safe and dependable supply of drinking water. We want you to understand the efforts we make to continually improve the water treatment process and protect our water resources. We are committed to ensuring the quality of your water.

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If you have any questions about this report, or concerning your water utility, please contact us at 262-670-3710.